Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How has life affected this little shaman?

So, now being a part of a 25 man guild, that tends to raid on days I'm not available, with everything till festergut being "farm" content, loot is spreading quickly. Black Bruise dropped and my computer problem froze from excitement. I'm not kidding. If I hadn't been shouting in vent all day "man I want black bruise! I need a new weapon. It's so annoying the first viable weapon for me drops from festergut" I would have missed the roll. A rogue rolled for it offset (we have two muta rogues! weird right?), but the guild is pretty tightknit, so they're very aware of gear discrepancies. They waited for me to unfreeze, and gave me the SHINY NEW WEAPON YAY!

On top of that I got a helmet I'm probably not going to wear, and some shoulders I probably won't wear either. I was the only one that even rolled for them, so at least they're not being shared. I think I'm coming up on the day where I have to actually sim something, for the first time in my life and see if 2 piece tier bonus and 2 264 pieces are better than straight 4 piece tier bonus.

Oh and I want to kill myself, hitting the 4 piece bonus means i have to COMPLETELY change how I gem now. So suddenly AP dies in a fire and haste is the best thing in the world ever. I bought 9 gems. I gotta go and fix my gear I guess.

It's good to be swimming in options.

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