Wednesday, March 31, 2010

25 mans!... and lag!

So my guild and a few others decided to do this "cooperation" thing, and we went to do icc 25. The only remaining person from my old guild went with me, and we whispered as it went on. He got a delicious staff, despite being the low roller. He was the ONLY person in the raid that claimed he was rolling on offspec beforehand (he is shadow, but he healed today). It's nice cause he didn't have the option of rolling on anything all of ICC 10 (NOTHING caster dropped)

I, on the other hand got the exact opposite deal. There was only one agi item, (a ring! so you know everyone wanted it) and I had lowest roll. Otherwise no chance to roll on anything. No mail even dropped. It's okay because we got a TON of frosts (6+5 for the frost giant raid weekly) so I can afford another tier piece when I feel like it. It's actually a difficult decision now, and I think I'm going to go with the chest piece because the legs can drop in VoA. Mostly I'm enjoying the greatness of being able to rocket through ICC whenever I want. I hope in 25 man the token drops and I can get me a delicious 25 man version of the gear. I will be tons happy then.