Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quality of life changes should be the norm.

Blizzard has been fantastic lately with adding changes that make the game more convenient. They've made a paladin's righteous fury skill last until canceled. They made meeting stones usable by anyone above level 15 and not just in a set range. They've lowered the spell cooldowns on a ton of skills that would be otherwise overpowered in arenas, but removed the ability to use them in arena (Fire Elemental Totem went from 20 minutes to 10 minutes with an additional 5 minute reduction if glyphed which just means it's freaking awesome!) Call Stabled Pet is 5 minutes instead of 30. There's a lot of good coming from it, but sometimes I think they could go farther into the changes.

I've been one to start characters, get to know their style and then drop them because I just wasn't interested anymore. It became tedious to level them. That I got one character to level 80 is nothing short of amazing. Changes should be made that level 80 characters recieve that lower ranked characters don't. I mentioned that a hunters "call stabled pet" is now on a 5 minute cool down. Do you know when a hunter learns it? I'll give you a hint. It's level 80.

That's 70 long levels of toiling with whatever pet you can find nearby. Now if you're like me you have a combination of laziness, short attention span, and perfection. When I level my hunter I want to get a new pet all the time. Most importantly I want to NOT BE LIMITED. I don't want to grab a turtle to level with, hop in the lfg and use that same turtle in the instance. I'm not saying hand us the skill at the second we learn how to train pets, but give it to us around level 20.

There's lots of changes like this that should occur. 80s shouldn't be entitled to anything lower level characters can't do. Show me a level 30 10 man raid, and I'll show you the day I'm happy.

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